How Much Money Is Enough?

How Much Money Is Enough?

What's your magic number?

When it comes to money, we fall into one of three brackets:

Not enough

Too much

Just enough

The best place to be is…

Can you guess which one is the best place to be? Many people assume it's option two. But they're wrong; it's option three. Let me explain.

Would you continue working?

If you discovered exactly how much money you'd need to live the life of your dreams – and then realised you already had that amount – would you continue working six long days a week in a job you hated? Or would you retire to focus on the things you love?

It's a choice

It's a no-brainer. Work should be a choice, not a chore! But unless you know what your magic number is, it's impossible to know which bracket you fall into. And that's where Lifestyle Led Wealth comes in.

Our role is to help you understand how much money is enough for you to achieve all you want in life.

Once we’ve established your magic number, we use financial planning tools to help you accumulate, manage, protect, and enjoy your money before it’s too late.

There’s no point being the richest person in the graveyard!

Who is Justin Hooper?

Though he's always had a head for numbers, Justin's true passion is people.

He and his fiancée Abby love to spend time with family and friends, travelling, dining out and walking their cavoodle pup Molly. Justin is working towards his dream lifestyle of having the freedom to experience the world without financial constraint.

I'd love to see more of Europe – Portugal, Spain, France and Italy – or spend extended periods in Asia to really experience the lifestyle and the surf.

So how much is enough for Justin?

“I did all the calculations, and it's $1.572m, with the house paid off.”

Most financial planners would baulk at such a personal revelation. But Justin's modus operandi works, and he's proud to practise what he preaches. His community-mindedness and passion stem back to his childhood when Justin was involved in coaching hockey.

"I really love being able to share information and support people to grow. That feeling of knowing you've done good in the world is incredibly rewarding."


Today, Justin gets a lot of satisfaction from his happy clients at Lifestyle Led Wealth.

His secret is getting to know them by carefully listening to their individual lifestyle needs. “I have relationships with my clients and their lives, not my clients and their money.“

Discover your magic number.